Winch 12000 lbs

Winch 12000 lbs


Motor effekt: 6 Hp / 4.5 KW, 12V "Series Wound"

12,000 lb, 5443 kg

Kontrolleras via trådad eller trådlös fjärrkontroll.

Syntetlinan är 27 meter och har en diameter på 9.5 mm.

Mått 54 cm x 16 cm x 26 cm


Automatisk broms

Total weight 43 kg

Only 1 available
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Inkluderar komplett kit för din offroad bil. (winch, syntetlina, Solenoid, linguide, sladdar, trådad kontroll & trådlös kontroll) 

The Winch is equipped with a Dyneema fiber rope that is designed for heavy duty applications use in the shipping industry. Who has hurt himself with a rusty, crumbling steel cable will appreciate these winds. In contrast to the steel rope the Dyneema rope is rust free and remains flexible even after years.


With the rule of thumb: The tractive power of a winch should have twice the power of the vehicle weight. The Winch complies this easily  with ist huge 5443 kg traction power.

The Winch can be controlled with a wireless and a cablöe bound remote control; both are included. It is equipped with forward / reverse, and freew-heel. The rope can be rolled easily by hand, if needed. A complete installation kit for immediately use is included..

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